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Trees can be overgrown in small gardens and require removal. Lots of trees were removed and burnt in gardening jobs every year and turned into waste.

Being next to the Attenborough Nature reserve and owning part of the River Trent Bank, we have a long public footpath of nearly 2 miles through our land and a large space to grow your surplus garden trees that will contribute to nature and local landscaping.

If you have surplus half mature trees in your garden, we can help to collect them free of charge and re-plant them onto our land to form better landscaping for the environment. This also saves the homeowner time and money on removing or chipping these trees from their property.

The trees need to be ready for collection and previously dug out with roots still attached, it needs to be suitable for a Renault Master 3.5 Ton Van and allow 3 persons to carry it.

We can collect within 15 miles radius of the NG9 area, or you are welcome to deliver to us directly.

Please give us a call or send a Whatsapp message with a photo first.

For certain types of trees with the potential to make them into nice bonsai, we may offer you some cash to purchase them as well.

Whatsapp: 07594 531640

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