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Platinum award winning garden!! Congratulations to all the students from derby college!


The Bonsall Field Barn  

Platinum award-winning garden!! Congratulations to all the students from derby college! 

Fantastic to see the culmination of all the hard work of all the students at Derby College today at BBC Gardener's World Live. Faye Geeson and the team have done a magnificent job on recreating The Bonsall Field Barn that the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust are working so hard to restore. 


As a sponsor of this project,  we have had the pleasure of providing eight of the native trees that would thrive in the limestone soil of the Peak District. It is fantastic to see our trees used in such a beautiful and natural setting. 


Great speaking to Faye, the platinum award-winning designer; she was excited to tell us that Monty Don himself filmed the opening sequence of The Gardener' World special from the garden; this will be featured on BBC2 at 8pm this evening!! 


Thank you to Chloe for getting us involved in such an exciting project and providing us tickets to see our trees in such a magnificent setting!! Congratulations again to all the talented team, we loved seeing your amazing work and can't wait to see all your future projects! 


If you can't make it down yourself to see it in person, please watch the video by their enigmatic tutor Mike Baldwin! We would also like to extend a big congratulations on his lifetime achievement award from BBC Gardener's World Live! Very well deserved.